Pubg Mobile MOD APK v1.6.0 Download – Unlimited UC, BP, Aimbot

Do I need to introduce Pubg Mod APK? I think there is no need to introduce PUBG as it is the most played game in all groups of ages worldwide. From kids to adults, it is increasingly popular day by day. It is because of its stunning gameplay and impressive featuring. The incredible thing is that it is available on this page to download free of cost.  However, before going too deep, it’s attractive featuring, let’s know who has published this game.

PUBG Mobile MOD APK Latest Version v1.6.0 2021

Pubg Mod Apk Download v1.1.0

The Pubg Mod APK is developed by Blue Hole. Later, it was published by Pubg Corp. its underlying theme is shooting like the Garena Free Fire game, but you will get unlimited UC as well as battle points. Lots of functions are available, such as Aimbot, wallhack, unlimited powerful weapons: the latest vehicles, unlimited health, daily challenges and events, and much more.

Versionv1.3.1 (Latest)
Size50MB + 1.6GB OBB
UpdateMarch 9, 2021
CategoryAction Game
Offered ByTencent Games

Being a pro pubs player, I am going to cover each detail regarding this game. If you have any confusion, then you can discuss it with me in the comment section. Yes, now you are going to download Pub Mod APK on your android device without paying any single penny.

I don’t think so that you know what Pubg stands for? It stands for Playerunknown’s Battleground. It comes with terrific features. This ensures you grab your attention, even playing for once. Another interesting fact is the RAM. Yeah, it is annoying, but you have to free up 2 GB of space before downloading Pubg otherwise, it’ll not install.

pubg gameplay

Apart from that, it has the most thrilling as well as exciting gameplay. Even after spending an entire day playing PUBG, you won’t tire. The reason behind this is it’s featuring. Its competitors have made it uniquely. They build it up to be grabbing all the chicken dinner to you. Let’s go on the gameplay of Pubg Mod APK unlimited money!

Game Play

When it comes to the gameplay, you have two options either you need to log in with your social media account like FB or play as a guest. The best option is to login through a social media site to revive your scores at any time with no hassle.

Now Pubg has updated lots of maps so you can play with full enjoyment. The maps include Erangel, Miramar Vikendi, Sanhpk, and lots more.

Using the maps, you can mark the position where you want to land. All you need to click the jump option and glide through the air will be land.

Along with that, each match has 100 players. It means that you have to fight with 100 players where your friends are three, and 96 players required killing to win the match.

From scratch, all players are given a parachute. All players have to land where they want though they have empty hands, so they start looking for weapons and other necessary items helpful for killing enemies.

Did you know the safe zone in Pubg? Each match comes with a different safe zone. It gets smaller and smaller as time passes. In addition to that, certain areas are bombarded. Each player should need to rank their RB to eliminate all opponents.

Moreover, the safe zone changes randomly. Yes, each match has a unique safe zone. It lets you play with more enjoyment. You can get the advantage of this feature by getting more weapons and passes as much as you can to your friends.

Squad or Single

The Pubg manufacturers never let your excitement down. It is because you can choose to play option single, duo, squad, or 4 players. So for playing squad or duo, you have to add your friends to whom you want to play. If another person accepts the request, then you will be playing with him/her. However, if you don’t want to play with your friends, you will be added randomly.

pubg screen shot 2

I hope now you have enough idea about the game. There is no complex gameplay as most of the shooting games have. You can play it easily on your first attempt. Let’s know about its features. Before explaining, let me remind you the Pubg mod apk is available to download on this page. Just click the link given in the downloading steps.


After getting an idea for its gameplay, I’m sure you are getting more excited. It is because I’m going to explain some of its attractive features. These features are freely available in the mod so that you can get the best gaming experience ever than before.

PUBG BattleGrounds


Now Pubg has released the wallhack feature. This feature allows you to view enemies through any objects, including walls. If there is an enemy on the radar, then you can quickly see him/her. So using this feature, you will know about the positions of your enemies.

Besides that, it is worth mentioning here that using the wallhack feature. You should be alert. It can be risky as compared to the Aimbot. So if any other one is using this feature, then you can be easily killed. So you have to be smart without letting anyone know that you are using this feature.

Unlimited UC

As far as the UC concerned, it stands for Unknown Cash. Did you know each game has the main currency? Like other games, the Pubg Mobile Mod apk also has the “UC.” It is known as the “Unknown Cash,” as said before. Using the currency, you can buy items. It is like real money that allows you to purchase what you need. You can get your favorite weapons, skins, and more. However, the best thing is that you will get unlimited UC in the game in less than a minute. Want to get Pubg UC hack?

Unlimited BP

BP stands for Battle Points. Like the UC, it is also a type of currency which you’ll get after playing each match. Now you are thinking about how to get the battle points? It is simple. Just you’ll be awarded the BP after killing the enemies. Also, it will be awarded on the basis of how long you have been played a match and how you damage others.


However, the purpose of using the currency is different. You can spend the currency on your esthetic appearance, such as change skin color, hairstyle, outfits, etc.

Moreover, the battle points give you full potential enjoyment. Let’s suppose you have enough battle points in your account. Then you can get what you have desired. Also, it offers a high level of satisfaction by improving your skills.


Did you ever hear about Aimbot? Every shooter game comes with auto-aim, meaning that it allows you to kill the enemy even if you don’t spot him. Using this feature, you can quickly kill up to 20 enemies in every match. This feature doesn’t put risks for you.

Moreover, this feature doesn’t require ammo. Without losing ammo, you can quickly kill the enemies. So do you want to become a pro-level player?



Anti-ban is an essential feature. By playing Pubg Mobile Mod APK, you would never be banned. It is a process that allows you to be hacked. We all know about hacking. It is a process where someone reports your account, or you are violating rules/restrictions. There are no restrictions you need to follow while playing this game. So do you want to play a pubg hack app with great fun?

No Recoil

As the name implies, there is no problem while playing this mod. Yes, you never have to face any problem while killing your opponents. It is because of this feature that never let your gun empty. Your gun will always be filled with ammo so you can quickly kill the enemies.

No Root

Last but not least, there is no root required for playing the Pubg Mod APK. Without rooting your device, you can play the game. The most fantastic thing is you don’t need to root your device. This mod completely works without rooting your device. So you are now safe from lagging or hanging.

Additional Features

There are so many additional features include. These are also made the game more exciting, so we have listed them. These are:

  • Revived the downed teammates
  • Battle integration
  • Character optimization
  • Colorblind support
  • Weapon optimization
  • Able to join the disconnected matches
  • Scopes for a better target
  • Gets unlimited accessories such as shirts, pants, shoes, jackets, masks, etc.

How to Download and Install the Pubg Mod APK?

Yes, now you can download your favorite game without any hassle. Also, there is no single charge while downloading the game. Before processing, let’s know about the essential instructions.

Out of its amazing features, this game never lets you hit by other players. It is because it doesn’t make you lose your health. You can maintain your health by using a health kit or medical kit. By playing the Pubg hack apk unlimited health downloads, you will get unlimited features. So are you ready to download the game on your android device? Before proceeding, just make sure you have a stable internet connection and 2.5 GB of RAM on your android device. If you are not filling requirements, you will be face problems while downloading or installing.

Let’s download the Pubg mod APK download unlimited everything. The downloading steps include:


You have to download the app by clicking the given link for once. It takes some minutes to accomplish downloading.


Firstly, open your system and go to the setting. There is an “unknown sources” option. You have to open it and allow permissions by tapping it right.


After giving permission, you need to open the downloaded file for installation.


It depends on the internet connection how much time it takes for the installation process. However, it takes a short time, just less than a minute. During installation, it might ask for some permission for the game’s storage. You have to allow them.


Keep in mind that it takes 2.5 Gb space, so make sure you have enough space as well as an internet connection. It makes you download and install the game without facing any problem. When it’s all done, open the app and start playing.

Above all, these are the simple downloading steps. Before downloading, make sure your android device has enough space. Get a stable wireless connection so you can easily download the mod without any hassle. Besides that, if you have had any problems, then you can discuss them with me in the comment section. I will be pleased to help you!


How Can I Get Unlimited UC To Play Pubg MOD APK?

You can play Pubg mod APKA with unlimited UC by downloading it. By downloading the Pubg Mod APK, you don’t need to hesitate while purchasing your favorite clothes as well as skins.

How Do I Get Free Gun Skins On A Pubg?

You can get unlimited free gun skins on your mobile by downloading Pubg Mod APK 1.6.0. This mod provides unlimited UC. Using UC’s, you can get your favorite skins, clothes, vehicles as well as weapons. So what are you waiting for? Just go ahead and install the app on your device to get free guns without any hassle.

Is Pubg Mod APK Safe To Use?

Yes, this mod my Pubg is 100% safe to use. The most exciting thing is that there is no need to root your device. It works without rooting your device.

How Does The Aimbot Work?

When it comes to the Aimbot, it can be activated very inside the menu. Whenever you want to activate, then activate or deactivated without any problem.

The Conclusion

All in all, now, Pubg Mod APK has been most popular. There was no need to introduce Pubg, but most of you didn’t know about its attractive features that I have explained. Also, if you face any problem while downloading, you can follow our provided downloading steps. Through them, you can easily download it. Besides that, if you have any questions, then you can comment below. We are always here to help you.

Thank you for visiting us!

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